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No longer works properly

I love this app - it has always been super helpful. However, recently, when I click product page, it just takes me to the Senegence website to login and no longer reroutes me back to the app. When I login on the Senegence page it takes me to and try to go back, it still reroutes be back to Senegence. What’s the point of paying for an app that takes you to a site you can go to for free? Plus, I just received notification that something came back in stock and upon logging in to see the product, it still says it is temporarily out of stock. Please fix these issues.


I absolutely love this app!! I just switched from a Galaxy to an iPhone and for some reason I am not getting notifications when new stock drops! I have triple checked in my settings and the notifications are turned on for this app, but I’m still not getting them. Do you know what it could be? Thank you for creating this amazing app, it has been a lot of help!

Awesome business tool!

I have been in love with this App since the horrible OOS days! I received alerts to in stock colors minutes before any other alerts. The ability to scroll through the in stock products while hiding all of the out of stock is such a time saver. Even now that the stock situation isn't an issue the App is still super user friendly. The PV being shown right there while your ordering prevents you from having to go back and forth from the shopping cart page back to the product page. I have been so impressed by this developer as he seems genuinely interested in feedback and has responded personally to questions I have had in a very timely matter! Thank you so much for meeting this need for us! Keep up the good work!

No more notifications?!?!

I love this app and totally counted on the notifications to let me know when new products were back in stock. Ever since the update I’m not getting them. I’m so bummed!

What happened?

I used to love this app!!! Talk to me please! I no longer get notifications when products come back in stock and whenever I try to use this app and I push aside the one screen on the left it’ll keep popping back and freezes!

Hasn’t been working

App either completely shuts itself off or never loads. Please fix ASAP.


This use to be my favorite app. After the most recent update I am no longer receiving notifications when colors come in stock. I’ve checked my setting and it’s set for all notifications but I am no longer getting them.


I have tried to remove it and reload but it won’t stop crashing. Was a great app but now it’s useless. Hope it will stop crashing so I can give it more stars. UPDATE Ok it seems back to normal. Hope it stays this way


Recently I had given it one star because it was working perfectly then it kept closing the app out. But now it’s Back to normal and I am so happy. Easier now to see what’s in stock.

Please Update to the New iOS 11

I’m editing my review! Despite waiting on Apple to review the update, this honestly is the best and most helpful app ever. Absolutely worth the $2! Once you get this app you won’t be able to live without it!

what happened!!!!!

this was my favorite app by far! it would give me the total pv before hand and the discount, it would allow you to make purchases, and would even notify you when products became available.... this was my absolute go to app! IDK what happend but, it keeps crashing I cant even get onto the screen!!!!!! I would of rated this a 5 star but, now its not even working and it should since you have to pay for it!!!!!! im very upset

Apps stopped working

Why did it stopped working what happened?


***edit***. It keeps crashing since the onset of the new IOS. I deleted it and re-installed it, but it didn’t help. 😕 The "start date" section on the left doesn't seem to be working properly. It stays like an overlay on the product page if you don't put in a date. Overall though, great app. I love that it calculates PV for me so I'm not guessing.

Like it but...

I have deleted the app since the “update.”I then downloaded it again and still having problems. I want this to work but there doesn’t seem to be an update to be downloaded on the update screen. I just want it to be fixed!

A web browser that can only visit a single domain

This app is worthless, basically just a slow buggy interface to get to the website. You’re better off just opening up Safari.


I just installed the app per recommendation of my sponsor, but I have the newest iPhone 11.0 update and the app is crashing. Will you be able to update the app soon?

Keeps crashing

I love this app... however I have been trying to use it since the ios11 update and every time I hit product page at the top, the app crashes. I have deleted and reinstalled multiple times. I’ve also reset my phone multiple times and nothing seems to be working!! 😭 please make it compatible with ios11!!!

Doesn't work anymore

It was great until it simply stopped working. This seems to be related to the release of iOS 11.

Not usable with IOS 11

Now that my phone has updated to the newest IOS, the app will only let me log in but crashes when trying to load the item screen.

Needs iOS 11 update!

Please provide update to ios11! App crashes immediately upon opening. It was having glitches before that too. For a week or two the template screen was overlaying itself on the template page. This app is so good, it will be such a shame to lose it. Please let us know what is happening.


The app needs to be updated to fit with the iOS 11.0 standards. The apps quits immediately after getting to the product page :( Help help help please!!

Crashing app with iOS11

Loved this app until I upgraded to iOS 11. Now the app crashes upon opening. Bummer. Will change rating when this app is iOS 11 compatible.

Too many glitches!!

There has been too many glitches to effectively use the app to begin with but as of 2 days ago, it just kicks me out all together whenever I even open it. Please fix this issue!

iOS updated to 11.0

Now the ap won’t work

LOVE this app!!! 💋💋💄💄💋💋

This app is amazing! Love how it keeps your current PV and lets you know the PV of the order your placing as you add things... love love love this app! 💋💋


Just links me directly to the SeneGence site. However, once you log in and go to the order page, the app kicks in. Would be better if this was explained in the app description.


I gave a horrible review before and must take it back. So worth it. Easy to navigate. Gives you your total based on your current PV and updates as your PV increases. Also gives notifications when new products are released. A definite must especially as we were fighting for inventory!!!


I absolutely love this app now! Not only is my PV correct I can calculate how much I can spend with our it cancelling a sale! And the new updates are coming faster then my actual team updates!! I'm so happy with this app now. 💋💋💋💋💋💋👄👄👄👄👄👄

This app is so worth the $2

You get notified when something is in stock before other group apps know! In and out in a flash before the server gets bogged down with people.

Just amazing! Best app for the lip biz!!

You have seriously outdone yourself with these updates. I love that I get notified right away and can get in and order knowing what my discount and subtotal are! Thank you for creating this for us!! 👍🏻

Love the Instant PV Calculator!

The only thing I'd like to see changed is having to log back in every time I switch apps. Because I have to log back in every time I flip screens, it's faster to keep the order screen open in my browser all the time so I just have to refresh when items come back in stock. So far, I haven't been able to use the app for this. It's great for placing regular orders though. And it's a quick way to check your PV on the go. I saw the video for the template function, but that's not showing up in my settings yet. Hopefully soon!

Love this app!!

This app has changed how I order. I love not seeing the out of stock items, and it is so much easier having my PV and discount calculated as I go rather than on the next page. Keep up the good work!

Great PV calculator! Genius!! 👍🏼

I love not having to scroll through a sea of red OUT OF STOCK items. I'm anxious to try this on my next order!!

Good app

I like the concept. I takes a while for the screen to switch from what it originally looks like to the version with only in stock items. I do however do NOT like how I can't stay logged in. It needs to somehow save my info so that I don't have to waist valueable time logging in when a color has come in stock!!! And a pushed notification would be amazing since all the colors that have been released lately are when I'm asleep 😭😭.

Love this app!

I loved this app on my computer so much I downloaded it for my phone. It's so helpful not seeing the OOS products and being able to see exactly what my order PV is without calculating it on scrap paper. People complaining that it just takes you to the SeneGence page don't understand that this is an add on to make ordering easier. It does exactly that and I have been SO happy ordering with it. THANK YOU!!

Somewhat helpful

Great app and concept. Pros:love that I'm able to see what's in stock while it automatically hides stuff oos. I also love that it will show the discounted price due to your pv. Cons:wish it stayed logged in so I didn't have to do it every time. REALLY wish it would automatically update my pv on its own so I don't have to do it manually each time and would LOVE for it to show me notifications when something comes back in stock! Worth the $2 I would say it's worth more if the cons were fixed. Keep up the great work!

Current PV

I am struggling with using this app since it doesn't show my current PV..how can I fix this?

I just paid for a browser to go on the website I can go on for free.

Please give me a refund of my $2. I can't believe your app is just paying for a browser so you can go on the website that you can do for free. What a waste!

Great App!

So far so good 👍🏼 I've been hoping for something like this for a long time. Having only in stock items show and then being able to see at the time of entering quantity how much it will cost is amazing! From my iPhone I did notice it works better in landscape mode - just a thought. ----> Is there a way to keep the current PV manually entered in the box between sessions? When I go back in or reload I have to re-enter my prior pv each time. Possibly only an issue with my first month using the app?

Issue resolved

Could not figure out how to put in my PV, but thanks to feedback to my first review I now know you can type it in at the bottom. Now the app is beneficial to me!


Great app! So helpful!!

Makes it so much easier

It's simple and it works. Now I don't have to add to cart to keep track of where I'm at.

LS improved

This is a great concept, worth the price!


The next best thing since sliced bread!! This app keeps your points in view, helps streamline ordering, hides OOS items and is in real time! Do yourself a favor and thank me later!


I can't even log in to test it out! Really bummed I spent $1.99 on this. I want my $ back!

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